Direct Neurofeedback/Psychotherapy

Are you feeling wired and tired? Do you feel overwhelmed and/or lose your cool easily? Or is life feeling flat, joyless, or simply just hard? If you’re looking for relief from your current experience and desire more peace in your life, you are not alone. I would like to be of service.


In-depth Yoga Study & Training

Have you ever wondered “am I doing this yoga pose right” or “is there more to yoga than just the poses?” Or have you ever thought that “I might like teaching yoga?” Cloud Nine Yoga’s program empowers students to find their authentic voice while reconnecting to their true nature and purpose.



Have you wanted to try yoga but felt you weren’t flexible enough? Maybe you’re intimidated by pictures showing students upside down or twisted like a pretzel? Or maybe you’re worried you won’t be able to do all the poses because of a current, or past, injury? Yoga is for EVERY body!