Crystal Bowl Sound Bath


What is a sound bath?

A sound bath is basically a form of meditation that utilizes ambient sounds to reduce the grip and pace of our thoughts, inviting a state of peace of mind and relaxation in the body.  Many instruments have been utilized to create sounds for healing, from the ancient tribal instrument from Australia known as the didgeridoo to the tuning fork to the seven charka quartz crystal bowls.

How does a crystal bowl sound bath facilitate healing?

Although researchers are still actively trying to determine the exact mechanisms involved in the healing benefits of such sound bath experiences, the vibrations of these various instruments have been shown to have therapeutic benefits without the side effects of other options such as prescription medications.

Every cell, organ, and system in the human body has an optimum, healthy frequency or harmonious rate of vibration, also known as resonance.  Illness occurs when some part or parts are not vibrating harmoniously with itself or other parts as a whole, known as dissonance.  Quartz crystal bowls are tuned to specific vibrational frequencies.  The vibrational sounds produced as crystal bowls are played facilitate healing by working to resolve any dissonance in the body and creating harmonious resonance. In other words, the healing benefits of a crystal bowl sound bath occur by modulating the body’s vibrations, moving dissonance towards resonance, bringing any vibrating object to vibrate in harmony with the vibrational sounds of the bowls or to match the rate of vibration of the bowls.

As the electromagnetic waves of energy in the brain begin to modulate to the sound frequencies of the crystal bowls, they have been shown to down shift from our more active beta waves to the calmer alpha waves.  With more exposure, even the alpha waves move into the more meditative theta wave state, perhaps even dipping into the deep sleep delta wave state.  It is in these slower brain wave states where deep healing is available.

What might I experience during, or after, a sound bath?

Some of the outward signs the body will reflect to show movement away from dissonance and toward resonance include (but are not limited to) increased heart rate variability, reduced muscle tension and anxiety, and improved sleep.

How are sound bath sessions offered?

You often can find group sound bath experiences being offered through local yoga studios.  They can also be offered virtually, online if you are unable to find one locally.

Personal sessions are available as well and are conducted in-person.

Sanctuary for Compassion and Connection provides individual sessions in a spacious office that include settling the body into a supported shape of choice utilizing blankets and blocks to create comfort and ease in the physical body, a sound bath from either 7 or 14 crystal singing bowls tuned to frequencies that correspond to the major chakra energy centers in the body, and a deep breathing mantra to ground back into the present moment.

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