5 Intention-setting Ideas to Celebrate National Reading Month

The month of March was designated National Reading Month in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  The intention behind the designation was to encourage everyone of all ages to read every day.  Reading has been shown to provide health benefits such as improved cognitive function, increased memory and vocabulary, and decreased levels of stress.  It also enhances our ability to imagine, visualize, dream and manifest!

Below, I offer you the following ideas to consider to embrace reading this month:

  1. Library Trip.  Perhaps plan a trip to your local – or a new – library to explore what’s new.  Libraries celebrate this month by planning special fun activities to fuel the passion for reading.
  2. Share the Love. Consider donating any books you are would like to pass along to a homeless shelter, recovery center, or your local hospital.  Or perhaps you would prefer to swap books with your friends and neighbors, so setting up a neighborhood Little Free Library might be of interest.
  3. Reread.  Perhaps pick up one of your “old” time favorite books and reread it.  Pay attention to what seems familiar about why it is one of your favorites and notice what you might pick up new, that you didn’t necessarily remember from when you read it the first time.  Maybe reflect on how reading this book might have changed your life in some way!
  4. Attend a Book Reading.  Maybe your favorite local book store is planning a book reading and signing event.  Perhaps make a plan to attend it and bring a friend!
  5. Book Club.  Consider joining a book club this month.  Or, if you prefer, perhaps you start one of your own!  You can simply start with one other person – perhaps a neighbor, friend or family member – and decide on a book to start with.  You can set up a timeline that works best for you both, such as checking in weekly or giving yourself a month to finish the book.  Gathering to discuss what the book brought forward for you can be either virtually (yes, Zoom) or in-person.  If your commitment gains momentum and your motivation begins to grow, you might want to learn more about starting a book club through Penguin Random House.
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