5 Intention-setting Ideas to Make a Difference

Sometimes things can feel so overwhelming and we think what can one person do when the problems of the world seem so insurmountable?  It is in moments like these that it’s important to remember the social changes that grew from grassroots movements and shaped history.  When we take time to reflect on those social movements, we can tap into the energy to be inspired and motivated to keep doing what we can, whenever we can, and where we can.  It does make a difference!

We don’t need a lot of money to make a difference.  We don’t need to make grand gestures to make a difference.  We don’t need to be in positions of power to make a difference.  All we need is the intention, focus and courage to take some small steps.

Below are intention-setting ideas for making a difference.  I hope you will consider trying one!

  1. VOTE.  The right to vote didn’t come easy and is a shining star in the examples of how grassroots movement created social and political change.  We all need to be active, engaged citizens.  And one way to make a difference is to simply vote.  In addition, perhaps set an intention to encourage and support someone that is eligible to vote for the first time by offering to go to the polls with them to guide them through the process.  See it as an investment in the future.
  2. Vote with your wallet.  Money is a major form of energy exchange.  Where and how we spend our hard-earned dollars matters.  In fact, for each dollar you spend, it represents a vote in favor of what you purchased.  When you begin to view money in this way, and become more conscious of your buying decisions, you can align with purchases that represent your values, perhaps ones that are more socially responsible.  Perhaps understanding this concept will motivate you to purchase only organically grown and humanely raised food or fair-trade goods.
  3. Celebrate World Kindness Day. World Kindness Day is celebrated November 13th and its intention is remind us that compassion is what connects all of us.  The energy of kindness has large and broad ripple effects.  Consider setting an intention to complete one act of kindness every day for one week this month and then commit to noticing how that kindness boomerangs back to you!
  4. Pay it forward.  If you haven’t seen this movie, start by setting an intention to watch it.  From there, try it out, and make World Kindness Day an every day event!
  5. Teach tolerance.  This intention starts from the inside.  When we start with tolerance, move into acceptance and then expand to compassion for ourselves as a human being, we model and become a beacon of light to others.  The process might start by inviting those parts of ourselves that others see as different, even scary, to step forward and sit with us, giving them space to express themselves.  The parts of ourselves we reject won’t go away and, instead, will actually rise up in rebellion unless we really see, hear and value what they have to offer.  The conflict within each of us – with our shadow sides – is reflected in the conflicts of the world.  What we might perceive as a flaw is actually fertile ground for growth.  So the teaching of tolerance starts within us.  It takes courage to tolerate and accept our limitations as spiritual beings having a human experience, yet those limitations do not have to hold us back from our spiritual evolution – which is fueled by compassion and a basic human need to belong.

As always, if you try any of these intention-setting ideas for holistic health, I would love to hear about the impact they might have had for you.  Please send me an email at linda@sanctuary4compassion.com to share!

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