Hybrid (On-site/In-person and Online/Virtual) Reiki-infused Sound Healing and Meditation Class!

On-site/In-person Community Gathering Practice Tips

We understand that, during this transitional time, some of us are more ready than others to slowly re-enter into the experience of small social gatherings.  For this reason, we have created a hybrid service model, where a small number of (no more than 4) participants will be able to join us in-person.   If you are interested in this option, let us know and we will provide further guidance, including:

  • Signed Releases/Waivers of Liability forms (one time, for new students only)
  • PayPal information to facilitate payment (to ensure your spot is saved)
  • Masks will be required before and after the class
  • Bring your own props (e.g., mats, blankets, pillows, bolsters, eye pillows, intention cards, etc.)
  • Come at least 15 minutes early to settle in and allow physical distancing while doing so (doors will open at 6:30 pm)

Virtual Community Gathering Practice Tips

For those that would prefer to stay in the comfort of home – whether due to physical distance, family participation and/or even the enhanced sense of privacy – we will continue to provide the option to connect with us through Zoom.

Once you let us know that you are interested in attending, we will send you an email that will include details around what is needed from you, including:

  • Signed Releases/Waivers of Liability forms (one time, for new students only)
  • PayPal information to facilitate payment
  • Checking your email for the Zoom link to join the class
  • A few minutes before the class, simply clicking the link within the email to be sent straight to our meeting room

To facilitate the benefits of such a virtual community practice at home, below we have provided some helpful hints:

  • Set up your mats at least 3 giant steps from your device.
  • Elevate your device 21-24″ from the floor and have it tilted forward slightly.
  • Have your props nearby.
  • Although not required, having a headset or ear buds to listen when the singing bowls are playing may enhance your listening pleasure.
  • Please know you will not need to have your audio/video camera on during the practice.  If you would prefer to reduce the number of distractions or increase the sense of privacy, we invite you to turn off your audio and video once the class starts.

Restorative Yoga Tips and Props

On the day of the class, here are some additional recommendations to create a more sacred space in advance for your practice:

  • Make sure you’ll be in a space where there won’t be any background noises, distractions or interruptions.
  • Adjusting the lighting in the room to your liking, perhaps turning off any overhead lighting and minimizing outdoor light and instead turning on a room lamp or lighting your favorite candle(s).
  • Wear warm, comfortable clothing including socks.
  • If available, bringing your favorite deck of intention cards and essential oil to your mat.
  • Placing your props (see below) to the side of your mat so they are within an easy reach during the class.

 In home prop ideas:

  • Bolster:  couch cushions or a tightly rolled comforter, towel, or blanket (can be secured with 2 ties, scarfs or belts)
  • Pillows:  couch, chair or bed pillows will do
  • Blankets:  your favorite blanket to cover yourself and either 2 additional blankets or bath or beach towels (no sheets)
  • Yoga blocks: books, either paper back or hard cover, stacked
  • Eye pillow:  hand towel, tie or scarf
2 replies
  1. Dave Weilder says:

    Dear Sanctuary for Compassion,

    I wanted to reach out and express my appreciation for your hybrid on-site, in-person, and online virtual Reiki-infused sound healing and meditation class. It is refreshing to see the integration of different modalities and the adaptability you have demonstrated in making your services accessible to a wider audience.

    Your blog post effectively captures the essence of your class and the unique combination of Reiki, sound healing, and meditation. The description of the class format, including the in-person and virtual options, provides clarity for interested individuals who may be seeking both convenience and a meaningful healing experience.

    I appreciate that your class combines the power of Reiki with sound healing techniques, creating a holistic approach to wellness. The incorporation of soothing sounds and vibrations enhances the meditative experience and promotes relaxation, balance, and healing.

    Furthermore, the inclusion of virtual options allows individuals who may not be able to attend in-person sessions to still benefit from your offerings. This inclusive approach highlights your commitment to reaching a broader audience and making your healing services accessible to all.

    The blog post’s concise and engaging style effectively conveys the benefits of participating in your class. It not only explains the various modalities used but also emphasizes the potential positive effects on participants’ well-being, such as stress reduction, energetic balancing, and spiritual growth.

    Thank you for offering such a comprehensive and inclusive healing class. Your commitment to integrating multiple modalities and creating a nurturing environment for personal growth and well-being is commendable.

    I look forward to learning more about your offerings and exploring the possibilities of attending your hybrid Reiki-infused sound healing and meditation class.

    • Linda says:


      Thank you for reaching out and your kind words. This hybrid Reiki-infused sound healing and meditation class was offered during the pandemic and I was grateful to be of service in this way during such a difficult time.

      This class currently is now offered in-person only, by appointment, as many people are finding their way back to their favorite yoga studios to be in community once again.

      I do offer a weekly public sound healing and meditation class on Thursday evenings in Fountain Valley at The Collective Energy Tribe currently if that might be of interest.

      I hope to see you in a class soon!


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