Recovery from alcohol use disorder is a crooked road – can direct neurofeedback help ease the journey?

The high levels of stress, loss and isolation due to the pandemic have been challenging to everyone’s mental health, but perhaps much more so for those of us that suffer from symptoms that accompany alcohol use disorder, specifically craving and consumption. With no end in sight for the continued spread of the virus, what options might be available to calm the fear centers of the brain beyond virtual meetings? What if there was a painless, non-invasive treatment that could reduce these symptoms and create more ease on the road to recovery?

Recent research did a systematic review and meta-analysis of 25 direct neurofeedback studies and the findings suggest that bilateral direct neurofeedback and multiple treatments have positive effects on reducing the symptoms of cravings. It might not be a magic pill, yet direct neurofeedback just might reduce the bumps in the road and the detours on the path of recovery.

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