Short Yoga Nidra (Chair)


Yoga Nidra, often translated as yogic sleep, restores and renews all of our body systems and is a powerful tool for clearing away our limiting beliefs and emotions and for living from a more balanced state of being.  This practice will leave you feeling restored!

This audio is a 16-minute yoga Nidra practice, which is a meditation that can be practiced lying down or sitting up.  This version is guided while sitting up in a chair.  Yoga Nidra is a form of meditative self-inquiry that, while relaxing the body, opens the mind to greater discernment and self-awareness, and the heart to love and acceptance of what is.  This ancient practice can assist you through difficult life challenges, moods, and mental states and, when practiced regularly, can be a pathway to awakening.

Guidance includes:

  • Setting up (i.e., resting in a chair)
  • Inviting the heart-felt prayer
  • Cultivating the inner sanctuary
  • Body sensing
  • Breath sensing
  • Awareness of one’s true essence as whole and connected

Yoga Nidra practice is easy for beginners and differs from other forms of meditation in that it is fully guided and appropriate for someone suffering from major depression or in recovery from trauma.


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